Antique and vintage piercings

Believe it or not, some people even collect vintage or classic piercings! The word piercing can refer to the act or custom of body piercing. Additionally, it may reference an opening in the body created by the act of piercing. While a lack of historical references obscures the history of piercing various body parts, considerable evidence exists to record its practice by both males and females since early historical times in numerous types.

The earlobe was probably man’s first effort at piercing, because of the ease where it is pierced. The earliest pierced and mummified body found was with pierced ears (and enlarged earlobes!). This mummy was discovered in a Glacier in Austria. Evaluations signal it is over 5,000 years old. Egyptians also have clealy documented societies going back as far as 14,000 years ago, and they too a were earrings worn by them symbol attractiveness. show of wealth and to

The practice of piercing nose has been around for hundreds of years and is still practiced in parts of Africa. According to African tribes, how big the nose ring is correlated with the abundance of the household. After marraige, the husband gives his new bride the gift of a nose ring. Controversialy, it’s also regarded as a “security” of forms in the event of a divorce.

Among traveling hippies who had spent time in India in the west, nose piercing first appeared. This was representative of the culture in the latter section of the 1960s. In the 1970s, nose piercing was taken up from the Punk movement. This was symbollic of rebellion against all values that are conservative. Today, noses are still pierced and it is often done with modern stuff. Piercings however fascinate some people plus they may obtain vintage piercings to set in their own bodies to remind them of elderly times, or to re-live an era. Of course, piercings aren’t the only modifications done to noses. Rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, are very common these days. Places where you can receive this, in urban areas for example, include rhinoplasty in Troy and rhinoplasty in Ann Arbor┬áif you happen to be near Michigan. Other large cities have rhinoplasty surgeons as well, and it’s not uncommon to even find them in more rural areas.

Other body parts that we won’t mention here and tongues, Lips, Septums, Navels, Nipples can also be pierced and changed. To learn more, check out Quora or Wikipedia for links and information to references that go with this matter.