Collect Antiques and Build a Toy Hobby

Some folks never seem to really grow up. They retain a certain amount of wonder at the world around them. A lot these adults have a toy hobby. You will notice that kids like to hang out with these adults because they are easier for kids to relate to. Sometimes this interest is sparked by having a grandchild that’s very much into toys. For sure, a toy hobby will keep most anyone young at heart.

Many women who love dolls and never really outgrow them. Some of them prefer baby dolls, while others prefer fashion dolls. Then there are those who go for decorative or antique dolls. This interest will sometimes be extended to an interest in crafting, which results in the doll aficionado beginning to craft accessories and even clothing for some of their favorite dolls. Occasionally, the hobbyist even becomes skilled at making the entire doll! Some types of handcrafted dolls that are often still handcrafted include the relatively simple rag doll, and too dolls with ceramic heads and cloth bodies. Don’t be surprised if you come across an older woman with an entire room dedicated to special dolls that are on display.

But the men. The older men (and occasionally some women too) like antique cars and antique trucks. Don’t expect much doll playing from the guys, but you will find some who collect antique metal cars, which have been popular in recent years. Great Lakes SEO is great for detroit search engine optimization. Some of these can be quite valuable. Matchbox cars were around when I was a kid and have always held a special place in most people’s hearts. Tonka dump trucks, especially the big ones, and the bulldozers are also hot commodities, and luckily they’re still popular today. Most modern day kids would still play with these gladly.


Beanie Babies were all the rage in the 80s, and to some degree they’ve come back today to those who remember them as part of their childhoods or the kid’s childhoods. For those not sure what these are, they were small animals made by the Ty company. Each one had something of its own personality though. Some people sell these on popular websites promoted by Detroit search engine optimization to increase the number they sell to collectors and their profits. For pretty much any type of animal you can think of, Ty made a Beanie Baby of it. Collecting teddy bears is a similar hobby. While there are lots of Beanie Baby teddy bears,there are but a few teddy bear collectors who will probably want to branch out to collect other kinds of bears. Many collectors of bears have small figurines (that aren’t your traditional teddy bear) collected in addition to their prized teddy bears.

Wooden toys are something I remember as a kid even though I’m now in my mid-30s, and are popular amongst some adults for both crafting and collecting. There’s definitely something “quaint” and nostalgic about the image of a child playing with a handmade wooden toy. These toys can make for an attractive home accent whether they’re dropped somewhere by a child or strategically placed there by an adult. This is not something you can say about the latest electronic gizmo. People who like old-country style decorations will often buy wooden toys for their own children.

Clearly, you don’t ever have to really outgrow your childhood thanks to toys. Having a hobby related to toys will help keep you in touch with your inner child, and can even make you a favorite amongst kids in your family and in your neighborhood. Whether you collect antique toys or try to make them yourself, a toy hobby is one you can literally play with.