Learn How To Experience Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming is essentially having the ability to play an active role in your dreams. Some people have the power to control what they do in a dream while others can control the environment, other characters as well as the narrative. The experience is different for everyone, but in time many find that by putting intention into their dreams they are able to improve their skills.

The first step many use to develop this skill is to begin to journal the dreams that they have. It is essential that you write down your dreams and anything that you make be thinking or feeling immediately after you wake. If more comes to you later in the day, you should do your best to write that down as well. Practicing this on a daily basis will train you to remember more and more of your dreams. This will make you more aware of the types of dreams you have and the role that you play in them. Using a recording device can be just as effective if you prefer not to take the time to write it down.

The next step is to become very conscious of your daily life. Take a moment every few hours to question whether or not you are dreaming. Doing this creates a pattern in your brain that can help lead to you asking yourself that while you are in fact in a dream state. Another means of doing this is to read something and then look away. If you are awake, the text will be clear and make sense, but if you are in a dream state it will be blurry or about something entirely different. Learn more at nccvfassn.com.

Some people like to practice closing their mouth and holding their nose throughout the day. If you are still able to breath when you do this you are definitely dreaming. Finally, you can simply examine your own body, such as your limbs. When dreaming this sort of image is usually different than it would be if you were awake.

The last thing people do to heighten their awareness of when they are dreaming is to repeat to themselves that they will soon be dreaming as they are falling asleep. Doing this will make you relatively conscious of the fact that you are in fact dreaming once you fall asleep. This does not work for everyone, but practicing this on a nightly basis can greatly improve the chances of it working for you. Like other methods, the process has the goal of making it a habit so that you can be more aware of whether you are awake or actually dreaming.

Lucid dreaming has many benefits ranging from being able to ensure that you have pleasant dreams to preventing yourself from having to experience negative ones. With practice, just about anyone can master this skill. The key is to put the time and effort into training your mind to be ready for when you are in fact dreaming.